Two Wells Junior Netball Wrap

This year TWF&NSC has four junior teams competing in the Adelaide Plains Association. Here the coaches for each team give a run down of how the season is going so far. Congratulations to Claudia Devlin and Jade Macfarlane, who were selected to play in the association team at this year’s country netball championships in Adelaide.

Under 10s – coached by Tayla Southwell and Amy Spoolder

Their first game was very nerve racking, especially for the new girls but they held onto the ball and didn’t let Virginia take the lead and the game ended in a draw. Our girls were much more confident in our second game, smashing it out taking a massive lead against Hamley Bridge and pulling out with a victory. Another awesome game whipped out of nowhere by the girls against United making that another win for them! Hummocks seemed like it was a really close game, back and forward a lot but still winning leaving the girls on top of the ladder. Their first loss was against Mallala, they didn’t play as well as they usually did but still a great game played by both sides. Finally their most recent game against Balaklava was a great game to watch, pulling out what they had learnt at training, and learning from the Mallala game gave them the win!

13 and Under – Coached by Rachel Wendland

Welcome to the 2015 season for the 13 and Under team. We have 11 girls playing this season, so we have a big team. The girls we have playing are Jaudyn Hansen, Taryn Sochacki, Taia Wallace, Kirra Robinson, Jasmine Borlace, Ruth Slattery, Carla Harris, Ashlee Filko, Mackenzie Cummins, Emma Barwick and Heidi Bates.

We have had an up and down start to the 2105 season so far. Our first game against Virginia was a close one with the Two Wells girls winning 16 to 15. A few first game nerves for all the girls trying to get a team flow going as well as trying to figure out how to play together but in the end the girls overcame some difficulties to secure the win for which they should all be proud of.

The second game against Hamley Bridge however was a real eye opener for the girls for the work ahead for the rest of the season. Unfortunately Two Wells lost that game 3 to 30. The girls still showed at times during the game things they have been learning at training which was fabulous to see, a few things to work on and I am constantly praying we start having some growth spurts!!!!  We are seriously lacking in height at the moment so more Weetbix girls!!!

The third game against United was a very physical game being played by a rougher and bigger team but the girls held their own and even though in the end they lost 11 to 16 it was a close game. It may be very different next time around so look out next time we play United!!!

Game four was away at Port Wakefield against Hummocks-Watchman. Going into this game we expected it to be a hard game as the Eagles girls had been having a good season so far, I even had thrown in the incentive that if the Two Wells girls could win the game I would buy all 11 players lunch that day!!  I kind of knew my money was safe but was so hoping to be wrong!! To the entire teams’ credit they tried hard but unfortunately we went down 9 to 18 but only losing by 9 goals was I thought an excellent effort as we were expecting to lose by a lot more.

Game five was back at home against Mallala who were sitting second on the ladder at this time. I had Tayla Southwell and Abby Playfair help me with coaching on the day as I had only got out of hospital the day before due to an asthma attack, so thank you so much girls for your help on the day. Mallala were a very strong team and our girls fought hard but we went down 8 to 37. It was a score line we expected but a lot of positives came out of the game as we had some of the girls having a try in positions that were new to them for the first time and they tried really hard and did a good job at their new positions.  I was very proud of them having a go at something new that they were not used to.

Game six was away at Balaklava against the top side in the 13 & Under grade.  We were prepared for a big difference in the score with Two Wells losing 4 to 32 but what I was most proud of was again the girls trying and succeeding in different positions they were not used to as well as with-standing a very physical game with a lot of body on body contact. They held their heads high and did not let the physical game get to them. The score no way reflects how the girls played and represented themselves and the club. I was so very proud of them as were their parents with how they conducted themselves during the game.

Overall I have been pleased with the girls at training and their efforts in the first six games. We still have a lot of work to do and there will no doubt be a lot more ups and downs before the season ends but if the girls to continue to put in the solid efforts they have so far I have no doubt more success will be on it way.  Keep up the good work girls and success will not be far away!!!

15 & Under – Coached by Gaynor Spoolder

Hummocks def Two Wells 28 -13

We got off to a very slow start battling gusty wind and an equally strong Hummocks defence only managing 1 goal in the first quarter.

The second quarter saw us start to come to grips with the wind and find ways through the defence with Jade Morrison and Alicia Duthie teaming up to increase our score to 6.  Claudia Devlin and Rhiannon Ludewig worked tirelessly defending against a well drilled attack. The third quarter was an even contest in which we went goal for goal with Hummocks with Jade Morrison continuing were she left off in the 2nd quarter with Chantelle Harrison joining Claudia in defence. The last quarter saw Hummocks take control of the game, with Steph Seres and Jess Romeo working tirelessly in the midcourt.

Best Jade Morrison & Chantelle Harrison

Mallala def Two Wells 34 – 17

Whilst not reflected in the score this was a really good game Mallala are currently second on the ladder and Two Wells matched them early with the whole team playing their role.  Tanika Wearne showed off her defensive and the centre court of Steph Seres, Jess Romeo and Bonnie McKay combined well to feed our shooting teams.

Best: Claudia Devlin & Tanika Wearne

Balaklava def Two Wells 45 – 24

Ending a pretty torrid run of strong teams we took on top of the table Balaklava in what was expected to be a difficult game.  Balak got away to a speedy before start putting on the first 4 goals but to their credit the girls settled and managed to hold their own.  The second quarter saw Balak continue their dominance pulling away slightly.  The 3rd quarter saw a general lift all over the court with Rhiannon Ludiwig and Jade Morrison proving a strong combination in the circle and the defence of Alicia Duthie and Claudia Devlin holding their own. With support from Steph Seres, Jess Romeo and Bonnie McKay the girls made the most of our scoring opportunities with the margin only increasing by 1 goal.  The final quarter also saw strong performances continue all over the court.

Best: Steph Seres & Jade Morrison

U17 – Coached by Tanya Kent and Steve O’Brien

A new team with new coaches. Our first game against Virginia was great, all played well. Then our next 3 games were not so good.

We won our last game against Balaklava, with the team really starting to get to know one and other.

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