Kite crafty capers

Two Wells Public Library ran a successful school holiday program during April.

Active-Ed visited the council building next to the library on Tuesday April 21and facilitated a kite making session on how to make a kite and fly it properly.

The fully booked session enjoyed a glorious afternoon flying their hand-made kites, at the dog-obedience park at the end of Old Port Wakefield Road.

Cameron from Active-Ed guided the children and their parents and grandparents on the best way to make a kite and provided simple materials so each individual could create their own.

Simple pieces such as a plastic sheet, sticky tape, two rods and some string were all it took to produce a simple kite and enjoy the slight breeze on a glorious sunny day.

Cameron instructed that the best way to fly a kite was to face the direction of the wind and let your kite be drawn upwards.

Simple kites don’t require too much wind and running also helps to put your kite into any breeze.

Safety rules were discussed with children learning that the best place to fly a kite was in big open spaces like an oval, paddock or beach, and not near roads, trees, power poles or buildings.

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