Structure fires keep Two Wells crews busy

• Hi all, we have had a mixed month which began with some of our members representing our Two Wells brigade at the rally on January 26, which culminated on the steps of Government House.

As many will have heard and read through the media the rally was to express our concerns with the reforms that are being proposed by the Government, re the Emergency Services Sector Reforms.

• Although we have had a quieter month for callouts, we had two grass fires, two structure fires, a hay shed fire and a compost fire, the latter two kept us busy.

• The hay shed fire at Lower Light was quite a big one to which our crew did four shifts with approx 5-6 members in each shift as well as other brigades from surrounding areas doing likewise.

• The most recent fire was the Jeffries Compost fire. The damage estimate was in excess of $6 million.

Our brigade did two 12-hour shifts, (very long, smelly, dirty and arduous shifts).

The staging (or grouping) area was at Virginia, where trucks gathered before being sent on to the fire ground.

These trucks came from near and further afield, from as far away as Morphett Vale, Seaford, Burnside, Happy Valley and the Wakefield Plains Area Group.

As with most large gatherings people have to eat, and the Salvation Army fed and catered for us admirably, including serving meals at rather unsociable hours – on the shift I did, dinner was from 1:30am through to past 3am.  And believe me we were very grateful!

Breakfast was served from 5:00am for incoming and outgoing crews. Thanks go to those who supported us.

• On a lighter note, the Commercial Hotel in Two Wells held a fund raising event on Sunday February 8 with over $5,300 being raised. Many thanks go to those who donated time, goods and money. All had a great time.

• We have had a good response to our recruitment drive, gaining many new recruits, which will enable us to keep on helping our community. Thanks to all. Stay safe and vigilant.

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