Playgroup pleasure

Photos & Story: Natalie Centenera

Two Wells Playgroup was fortunate to receive a visit from Playgroup SA’s Playgroup Support and Development Officer, Melanie Baker on Tuesday February 17.

Melanie facilitated the morning session, making rainbow kites with the children as well as reading, singing and playing a parachute activity.

With many families in attendance at the Two Wells Primary School hall, 13 children and babies in total, much fun was had whilst parents and carers unwound with a coffee and a chat.

Melanie has facilitated many playgroup sessions in and around Adelaide over the last few years and was delighted to see that Two Wells offered a “welcoming, fun and relaxed atmosphere”, she said.

“It’s a well utilized space”, she added, referring to the new location in the school hall and “some good decisions have been made”, in regards to the use of the grant money.

The children and babies enjoyed climbing on, over and through the new play equipment and parents and carers enjoyed watching them interact and develop their social and gross motor skills.

Fruit time provides a great opportunity for children to sit down together and share a snack with their little peers whilst exercising their ability to use utensils and feed themselves.

If you are interested in attending a session please don’t hesitate to contact Carly Heaslip on 0418 803 761 or check out their Facebook page.

Playgroup runs each Tuesday of the school term in the Two Wells Primary school hall from 9.30am to 11.15am. All you need to do is turn up and bring a piece of fruit to share for morning tea, new families are always welcome.

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