Have your say at open space land use forum

Residents of the district should be aware that public consultation and engagement will occur regarding Open Space and Community Land use.

It’s your land so please make use of one of the following times and places to let us know what you want:

Sunday March 15…Dublin Institute…10.30am

Sunday March 15…Two Wells Community Centre…1.30pm

Wednesday March 4…Mallala Football club rooms…7:30pm

Last month I attended the Summer Reading Club party at the Two Wells library.

It was a pleasure to award to children who had read 10 books over the school holidays a certificate and book.

Last year’s event was unfortunately cancelled due to the heat wave so it was a relief that we had perfect reading weather.

The successful children were: Jorga Page, Kasey Page, Flynn Sheedy-Palethorpe, Georgia Biddell, Cohen Jones, Kaylee Jones, Massimo Trimboli, Kaleb MacMillan, Aaron MacMillan, Chloe Sharpe, Emma Sharpe, Kaitlyn O’Brien, Maddison O’Brien, Chelsea O’Brien, Kypton Price, Cooper Henwood, Dylan Henwood, Noah Henwood, Tom MacDonald, Olivia MacDonald and Ben Belchambers.

Congratulations and thanks to Anne, Di, Amanda and Janine for all their hard work to ensure the party was a great success.

The Parham Strawberry Fete was held on Sunday February 22.

I went early to avoid the awful weather of late.

The homemade strawberry jam with the scones was delish.

Of course I purchased a couple of drought resistant plants from the Parker stall.

The other day I was relaxing and surviving the best I could in the stinking hot weather when I heard some scratching on the window.

I summoned what remaining strength I had to take a look and sure enough it was Bluey the Blue-tongue.

Judging by Bluey’s attitude he didn’t appreciate the attention of the paparazzi on such a challenging day.

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