Griffiths visits new ground

LOCAL Two Wells residents relished the chance to “have the ear” of their local Member of Parliament last month when a community listening post was conducted.

Member for Goyder, Steven Griffiths, was in Two Wells on Thursday February 19 and spent almost four hours chatting with people under the big pine tree outside the Post Office as they went about their daily business.

Mr Griffiths said the response to the listening post was terrific with a steady flow of people preventing him from even getting the chance to erect his banner!

The session was a great opportunity for residents and politicians to get to know each other better, he said.

“Understanding a community is the key to a MP being able to represent people,” Mr Griffiths said.

“Two Wells is new to Goyder and while I have a perspective on it and have spoken to a variety of people over the last 11 months since the election and boundary change, there is nothing like just talking to people while being in their town.

“We talked about family court, road infrastructure, town growth, dog control etcetera and I appreciated the effort made by people to speak to me.

“I have quite a few things to follow up on (and) I will be holding more listening posts.”

Two Wells resident, Jo Spurling, welcomed the chance to have her voice heard, saying it was a great opportunity to raise issues which were important to her in a relaxed forum.

“I think community listening posts, like the one conducted by Steve Griffiths in Two Wells last month are an important element of our democracy,” Jo explained.

“They provide a two-way opportunity for direct communication at a grass roots level; for both our political representatives to hear community members and for community members to have their voice heard and get to know their local representatives. 

“The conversation I tried to generate included ideas recognising that Two Wells, South Australia and more broadly Australia are all about to undergo significant structural economic transition, and what the potential social and environmental consequences of this, both positive and negative, may be at the local level.”

Ms Spurling said she wished to thank Mr Griffiths for taking the time to visit Two Wells and listen to the people.

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