Dads smooth the way for local kindy

The generosity of two local families has helped revive a problematic driveway near the Two Wells Community Children’s Centre.

The driveway, which is accessed on a twice-daily basis by families from the centre as well as the neighbouring Two Wells Primary School, was littered with potholes and had been an issue for the centre for many years.

Last month two local dads – who themselves use the road to drop children at kindergarten and school – took it upon themselves to do something about the driveway, and volunteered their time, resources and skills to improve access.

Lewiston resident, Michael Slattery, who runs a small earthworks and landscaping business, spent a couple of hours on Saturday October 25 spreading road base Greg Russell, who manages Acacia Garden Supplies in Smithfield, had donated. TWCCC director, Sarah Wormald, welcomed the efforts of the parents, saying the driveway has long been an issue for people accessing the center and nearby school.

“I think it’s amazing what they’ve done,” Mrs Wormald said.

“The generosity of these guys was so significant and we’re extremely grateful for their efforts.

“Spending the time to do that has meant a lot for a lot of people, it’s going to have a positive impact for so many of our families.”

Mrs Wormald said parents often complained to her about the state of the driveway, with the many and deep potholes continually getting bigger and deeper each year, especially after rain.

She said the state of the road had the potential to damage vehicles, with some parents informing her they had needed to have repairs done to their car following repeated use of the driveway.

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