Car theft linked to house break-ins

POLICE have called for vigilance as the summer months historically result in an increase in crime throughout South Australia.

Modest increases in theft, and fraud deception and related offences, were outlined in the latest report released by SAPOL of crime statistics for the Yorke and Mid North area.

Victim-reported crimes at this time of year showed a hike in break-ins, property damage and theft. A Two Wells resident recently reported a theft at her house, only to be told there have been many nearby.

“There have been a huge amount of break-ins recently,” the resident said.

“(I had) several items stolen, including strange items such as a shoe and a candleholder.”

Meanwhile, the RAA has warned that thieves have been targeting houses to steal car keys as immobilisers make it difficult to steal cars.

RAA Senior Manager Mobility and Automotive Policy, Mark Borlace, said home break-ins linked to vehicle theft have increased, with as many as four in 10 cars now being stolen in conjunction with a residential burglary where car keys are taken.

“Due to immobilisers making it harder to steal a car, thieves are now using different methods as vehicle keys are the only property stolen in one in four house break-ins,” said Mr Borlace.

“A very high percentage of cars taken in this way are also recovered which means the theft is for short term use and the cars tend to be newer and of higher value that cars taken from the street.”

If you see anything suspicious in your neighbourhood, call 131444 or triple zero (000) if it is an emergency.

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