Two new faces for DC Mallala

EDDIE Stubing and Mel Lawrence are the new District Council of Mallala Two Wells ward councilors.

Mr Stubing had a convincing win with 269 first preference votes, whilst Mr Lawrence received 174.

Mr Stubing has resided in the Two Wells area for the past 20 years, and said it has been a great area for his family to grow, play sport and make friends.

“I will work alongside experienced council members and see what we can move forward with,” he said.

Mr Stubing is focusing on creating a tight-knit community.

“I hope we will all have a sense of belonging and place,” he said.

Mr Stubbing said there would be many things to deal with in the next decade.

“We’ve got the Hickinbotham subdivision development that will enhance the town, as well as building a new school so children can go to school in Two Wells,” he said.

“I hope to enhance the existing services; we’ve got the doctors so the next step is a dentist.

“Two Wells is so well positioned. 

“It is the closest country town to Adelaide and the potential is enormous. 

“I hope to give back to the community and move forward as a town.”

As an active member of the Two Wells RSL Association, Mr Lawrence has lived in the Two Wells and Mallala district for 17 years.

He was an Air Force Sergeant with 24 years of experience in the building industry and is now retired, with time and energy to put into the community. With knowledge in house planning and building, fire inspection, first aid and also being a qualified safety officer, Mr Lawrence is looking forward to making the community a better place to live and prosper. 

“We need to bring jobs into the community and transport for young people who can’t yet drive,” he said.

Mr Lawrence said he nominated for council because he wanted to see change in the area. 

“I want to control the rise of rates, they’ve been ridiculous recently,” he said.

“I want to try and get things up and running. I have experience in the building department and I know we can get approvals sped up.” 

Mr Lawrence said he wants serve the people to help build a better, more efficient community and reflect what the community wants.

“I want to see the town take off, the shopping centre, the main street – we have so much potential.”

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