Renovation plans for Two Wells Courthouse

The State Heritage Unit released a report in June outlining the proposed Two Wells Courthouse’s much needed renovation. The deteriorating state of the Courthouse has been the talk of the town recently with the plan set to fix the dwindling exterior.

The plan was for immediate approval from the District Council of Mallala and repaired the Two Wells Courthouse priority works plan for immediate approval for the deteriorating building of significance.

The courthouse was built circa.1878 and is described as a place of state heritage significance after a Dilapidation Report was prepared by the Department for Environment and Heritage in 2009 due to the known dwindling conditions. The next step in the development is to put forward a scope of works based on the plan and a colour scheme be chosen for the historic building. It is further recommended that a maintenance works schedule will be prepared for the building in the future.

The priority works plan includes high monitoring for termites and rising damp, replacing windows, repairing stairs and mouldings.  Work is expected to begin within 12 months.

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