Korunye cemetery plan

AN Islamic group is proposing to build a cemetery, and associated buildings, off Port Wakefield Road just north of Two Wells.

Hamra Design has lodged an application with the District Council of Mallala on behalf of the Imam Ali Mosque and Islamic Centre Of South Australia.

The proposal is non-complying due to being in a primary production zone, and therefore is out for public consultation until December 3.

The Amam Ali group is purchasing the land subject to council granting planning approval for the cemetery.

Hamra Design manager Aref El Hamra explained the cemetery will only serve the one group, as the various Islamic groups in South Australia each typically have their own mosques and cemeteries.

“About 20 bodies will be buried in this place per year, and that may increase over five years to 22 or 23,” Mr Hamra said.

“In the next 100 years the cemetery won’t occupy 11 per cent of the land, so farming will continue to exist, and the cemetery will be all fenced.”
The cemetery will be specifically for use by the Imam Ali Mosque And Islamic Centre SA, and will feature a storeroom, office, shade area and car park.

The proposal also includes a Ghasol Khana, where the deceased will be washed, and a shrouding area, where the bodies will be wrapped in white cotton cloth before being buried. The planning application indicates burials will generally take place from 9am to 5pm, including on some weekends and public holidays.

Up to 45 carloads of people will attend burials, whereas only one or two carloads are expected to visit the site on other days.

Ceremonies will involve a reading of the Sheik for about 10 minutes before a body is buried.

Mr Hamra said the group hopes to start work on the services at the cemetery as soon as possible.

“The (current) owner wants settlement by March but they (the Amam Ali group) are worried because they need planning approval so they can be sure the project can go ahead,” Mr Hamra said.

“With this project there is nothing to be concerned about because it’s a very small area of land and won’t be affecting anyone.”

People can view the full application at the Mallala and Two Wells council offices.

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