Sports club named finalist

A FANTASTIC off-field victory is being celebrated at Two Wells Football and Netball Sporting Club, after it was named as a South Australian Good Sports Club of the Year award finalist.

The Good Sports Awards recognise community clubs and people who show leadership in encouraging healthy behaviours to tackle alcohol, obesity and mental health issues through sport.

The Australian Drug Foundation’s pioneering Good Sports program works with more than 6,500 clubs nationwide to help them develop healthier and safer environments for their members, and create a healthier future for the great Australian sports club.

Good Sports South Australia Manager, Scott Edgecombe, said the club is building a bright future for sports lovers in the area.

“Two Wells Football and Netball Sporting Club has gone above and beyond in promoting healthy attitudes towards responsible alcohol consumption. This award and $500 prize money is well-deserved – the club sets an example that the whole community can, and should, be proud of,” Mr Edgecombe said.

“Sport has the power to inspire, bring people together and help achieve dreams. We want to reward the people and clubs, such as Two Wells Football and Netball Sporting Club, whose dream it is to see a healthier future for their communities.”

Two Wells Football and Netball Sporting Club has taken a number of steps to ensure it has a healthier relationship with alcohol and gives more back to the community.

Members have completed Responsible Service of Alcohol training, and the club foots the bill for new people to take part in the course each year. A healthy eating option has been introduced when providing meals and there is now bar food available in the canteen.

A coffee machine has been installed and soft drinks, mid to light strength beer and water are also on offer.

A code of conduct for players, parents, guardians and coaches has been implemented and unruly alcohol-related behaviour once taken for granted now rarely occurs.

As public transport is almost non-existent in Two Wells, club members take it upon themselves to offer intoxicated people transport home.

Club president, Francis Pellizzari, said everyone involved was delighted that their hard work had been recognised as part of the 2014 Good Sports Awards.

“The Two Wells Football and Netball Sporting Club is proud to have been shortlisted for this award and reiterates the importance of being part of the Good Sports Program,” Mr Pellizzari said.

“Good Sports has been a guiding force for our club as we have navigated our way towards being a healthier, more responsible, family-orientated club.

“We are proud of the commitment demonstrated by our members as they abide with our continued efforts to provide a safe, caring and fun environment for all ages.

“Thank you to the Good Sports Program – especially our Good Sports Manager, Scott Edgecombe, for his valuable guidance and support.”

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