Message to residents

From DCM Mayor and Lewiston ward Councillor Duncan Kennington

Despite the perfect beach weather of late I have managed to attend numerous in town events this month:

Ian Telfer (president) and I planted a tuckeroo tree at the Dublin Institute in memory of Driver Walter Bergin. Numerous other pairs completed the avenue of trees in memory of soldiers who paid the supreme sacrifice in defence of their country.

Of course I couldn’t turn down an invite to attend the Long Plains Dance. Last time I attended I saw numerous blueys on the way there; this time it was stumpys. I wasn’t groovy enough to join in on dancing to the music of Peter Hutchins but I couldn’t resist purchasing one of Alan Parker’s arid garden plants.

I received a late call on Saturday to attend the Two Wells Melodrama Group ‘comedy night’. After Kay Boon organised my ticket and Jessica Renaglia showed me to my seat, it was all laughs and munchies from there on. Keep an eye out for the 2015 shows during the last three weekends in May.

On Sunday 16th November I attended the opening of the Paintshop Gallery at the Mallala Museum. A crowd of 160+ enjoyed perfect weather and the opening of the new display ‘ The Homefront during Wartime’. Amanda James officially opened the gallery. Laura Parsons (secretary) and Marcus Strudwicke (chairman) are to be commended for their organisation. There were too many home cooked biscuits to sample one of each but I tried my best and they all got the thumbs up.

At our last author event for the year our guest was Fiona McIntosh. Not only are her books sold internationally but also soon South Australia will be able to call her our own. She has bought a property in Riverton.  The helpers, Margaret Maylin, Adele Ray, Beverly Thomas, Bev Molloy, and Margaret Gameau were a lot happier working in their new kitchen with a dishwasher and all sorts of other snazzy stuff. Staff members Anne, Amanda, and Di ensured the smooth running of the day. During the hot spell we just experienced I spotted a brown snake enjoying my fishpond. Of course I reached for the camera and zoomed out (attempted pun!) But, as would be the case the card wasn’t in the camera. So while the snake waited patiently at the pond I rushed back in and grabbed the other camera. After a few shots the brown snake became bored with the photo-shoot and wandered away. (Photographic evidence included below).

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