Summer arrives & Snakes come alive

Landcare Australia with Mark Webb

As summer approaches please be mindful of snakes and lizards within your property.

According to statistics, 97 per cent of human snake bite cases are due to people trying to interfere with the snake.

So if you happen to see one, don’t try and catch it because you may end up being one of those 97 per cent.

Do your family a favour and get a professional. Think of it this way, if you are successful in catching a snake the people around you, especially children, will believe they can catch a snake just like you, but may not be so lucky.

Our young people learn from the adults around them. Don’t teach them to catch snakes. Snakes play a vital link within the natural ecology of our region, which means they are here for a reason.

That said there are a number of reasons why a snake will be on your property, the main reasons being food or shelter. Limit these resources and the chances of a snake being on your property is greatly reduced.

Areas of shelter that come to mind are piles of materials such as old tyres, building materials, wood piles etc, these areas attract a number of animal species that make up the snakes diet including mice and rats both of which can spread diseases.

Lizards on the other hand will help keep many of these vermin pests at bay, there are no poisonous lizards in Australia.

I am always disappointed to see so many lizards on the side of the roads squashed; there are times when this cannot be avoided for safety reasons.

Please don’t try and run them over, our region boasts a number of natural wonders – snakes and lizards are some of them.

Snakes and lizards are native animals and are protected in Australia.

It is illegal to harm or kill a snake or lizard and its environmentally damaging. If you stay away from them, they will stay away from you.

Our families are precious – be proactive not reactive when you are walking around your property and feel unsure that snakes maybe around, stamp your feet or even whistle to yourself, snakes will feel these vibrations and move as far from you as they can.

If you have a snake problem on your property call a professional!

Or visit Snake Catchers Adelaide website for more information.

Snake Catchers Adelaide 24/7 Phone: 0413 511 440.

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