Long Plains Red Cross Branch Concert

Message to residents: From DCM Mayor and Lewiston ward Councillor Duncan Kennington

On Sunday October 12, I attended the Long Plains Red Cross Branch concert.

The great thing about the drive to Long Plains is that I saw more blue tongue lizards than cars on the road. They seemed pretty determined. I think they have just woken up and looking for love.

The Whyte-Yarcowie Vaudeville Troupe entertained us. When attending Long Plains functions I’m always impressed that the number of people at the function is always greater than the number of people in the township.

The volunteers, Jenny McArdle, Shiffang Huang, Margaret Jenkin, Chris Young, and Maurice and Gwen Secomb organised a faultless event with afternoon tea.

Early in December the Schlodder Shelter at Dublin will be officially opened; more details to follow.

Some fortunate donors have been immortalised.

Jacqui Barr is to be commended for her patience in working out what design was suitable for some of us and for the brilliant artwork she subsequently produced.

Community members are invited to join the Dublin History Group president, Ian Telfer, in the planting of a tree in memory of Driver Walter Bergin on November 9at the Dublin Institute at 9 Sixth Street, Dublin at 1.30pm.

This will be followed by afternoon tea. The avenue of trees is in memory of the soldiers who gave their lives in defence of their country during WW1.

Last weekend was busy. First I attended the Pony Rescue Inc. Fund raiser 2014. A garage sale was held at Tash Hogan and Raymond Black’s house in Williams Road. Treena Woods introduced me to Biscuit and Annie, who cooperated whilst we took photos; although they seemed much more interested in eating hay than socialising with the mayor. Michael Stewart, the treasurer, took care of the cash side of things. Kathy Buldock, a Lewiston artist and Lynda Sidler, from Cirocco Downs Equine Services also had stalls there. All in all a fantastic group of people and just for good measure they raised $1,600.

Team Duncan attended the quiz night at Parham too. As usual we didn’t win any prizes based on skill but did well in the raffles: Mark Webb won the meat tray, Bette Body won the fruit and vegetable tray and Jill Jones won a fan. Raelene Horgan and Georgie Dobson (president) organised the evening seamlessly, and Raelene Schwerdt MC’d. Just a reminder that Magic Moments is coming up on 21/22 November.

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