Jack’s a standout

TWO Wells Primary School student, Jack Harris, was recognised as one of South Australia’s most outstanding students at the 15th annual Children’s Week Minister for Education and Child Development Awards in Adelaide recently.

Minister for Education and Child Development, Jennifer Rankine, said each of today’s award- winners had demonstrated excellence in both their chosen academic and extracurricular endeavours.

“These awards celebrate those students who show a remarkable level of commitment to their activities both in and out of school, and can serve as an inspiration to others,” Ms Rankine said.

“This year’s recipients have made extraordinary contributions to their school communities by going above and beyond in areas including volunteering, mentoring and sport

“What sets these students apart is their endless enthusiasm and passion which accompanies them in their charitable extracurricular pursuits.”

“Children’s Week is currently being celebrated by schools around the state which are hosting special events and activities to recognise the important role that children play in our communities,” Ms Rankine said.

“We are pleased with the great number of schools which are this year getting involved and running activities focused on the keys issues affecting children including health, education, culture and social needs.

“I congratulate this year’s award winners on their achievements.

“I hope they not only continue to excel, but also serve as an inspiration to other students.”

To find out more about Children’s Week and the awards visit: www.sachildrensweek.org.au.

Category: Primary School student Jack Harris Aged 13 years

Jack is an excellent volunteer with exceptional potential, good leadership skills and a fine sense of self worth.

His effective skills, humble nature and ‘wicked ‘ sense of humour, have enabled him to develop excellent rapport with staff and volunteers.

He is a quiet achiever, a born leader and an excellent role model for other young people at the Two Wells Primary School.

Jack has been a member of the Two Wells Country Fire Service Cadet program for two years, has shown sound leadership skills and proven to be a team player.

The Minister’s Award is presented to Jack Harris in recognition of his many achievements whilst volunteering at the school, his leadership skills and contribution to the local CFS.

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