Farm walk for horse blocks

A recent educational farm walk has given local horse owners ideas to better manage their properties and care for their animals.

Held on the property of Two Wells resident, Sam Dragon, on Saturday October 11, the free session was run by Horse SA, with support from the Natural Resources Management Adelaide and Mt Lofty Ranges board.

Horse SA runs a variety of programs in high and low rainfall areas to help horse owners run their properties sustainably.

Each session can be adjusted to suit individual properties but generally covers topics including assessing infrastructure (fences, yards & stock watering), pastures, the importance of soil testing, grazing practices, assessing hay quality and indentifying and managing weeds.

Sam said the farm walk was a great opportunity for her to gain a better understanding of how to care for and improve her land.

“I really wanted to know how I can turn my property around from being a dust bowl in summer to having at least 80 percent ground cover,” she said.

“I learnt about how to identify weeds and what to use to poison them, and that Roundup really doesn’t kill all weeds. I was given many ideas about dividing my property to rotate the horses for the maximum benefit, and would really like to start planting small crops for ground coverage and horse grazing.”

The farm walks are free, with Horse SA also running Webinars on land management at and holding bushfire information nights when requested.

Contact Horse SA executive officer, Julie Fiedler on 0402 488 306 or visit the website for more information or to organise a farm visit.

The Horse SA website also has a range of resources available for horse owners and suggests the following link for bushfire information for horse owners:

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