Cheeky signs on as coach

Seccafien appointed to lead the Roosters in 2015 

TWO Wells has appointed former junior coach, Neville “Cheeky” Seccafien, as its A grade football coach for 2015.

Seccafien was previously assistant coach to Mark Thomson, who resigned after his fourth season as coach this year.

He coached junior teams at Two Wells for seven years while his sons made their way through the lower grades.

Given the large local base in the current Two Wells team, Seccafien has coached quite a large percentage of the lads at the club, albeit as juniors.

“Anyone who is over 25, I probably haven’t coached them before,” he laughed.

Having an in-depth knowledge of his squad has its pros and cons though.

“The players can’t hide as I know what they can do on a good day,” Seccafien said.

“You can have that familiarity issue too, a lot of them have grown up in my house and my boys being friends with them as well.

“I’m confident they can show the maturity to separate the Cheeky from Drew Street and Cheeky the coach.”

He said Thomson’s influence on the playing group, after coming from outside the club, was vital and could be built on.

“It was the right thing to happen at the time, the lads were all 20, 21, 22 but now they’re men, so that was a critical time for him to come into the role,” Seccafien said.

While the two worked closely together, Thomson exiting in an official capacity won’t result in Seccafien keeping him out of the picture altogether.

“I’ve got my own coaching style, there’s things I will tweak and do slightly differently but I’ll definitely use him (Thomson) as a bouncing board anyway,”
he said.

With sons, Ned and Peter, as players, it does present something of a conflict of interest at the selection table, although Seccafien immediately discounted any issue with it.

Ned is the club captain, a walk up starter, while Peter is an honest contributor, who has teetered on the fringe of the A grade while standing out in the reserves side.

“It’s never been an issue before in the past, I don’t see it being a problem,” Seccafien said.

My decisions will be purely football based and what fits the team dynamic at the time.

“Others might have an opinion on it, that’s fine, but I do tend to rate my boys pretty harshly.”

After the disappointing 2014 campaign, he put his hand up and refused to absolve himself from the blame.

“I’ve got to take some responsibility for where we ended up, as I had input into the coaching,” Seccafien said.

However, while a later start to preseason was on the cards, it appears the playing group was thinking the other way.

“The talk amongst the guys themselves is starting before Christmas, it’s them saying their fitness was better last season (2013),” Seccafien said.

“I was one to promote not starting so early, as a payer I know I enjoyed my break.

“I feel fine if the players want to have a few runs before Christmas, it’s coming from at least nine of the senior players, right across the board.”

With only the retirement of Simon Feast being the sole key departure to date, the Roosters look likely to return to finals football next season.

“I feel this group still has a lot of upside, I don’t know if it needs much more added to it,” Seccafien said.

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