Birthday shoot for Lower North Club

Lower North Gun Club held its birthday shoot event on Sunday September 9.

Forty shooters attended from across South Australia and enjoyed a highly competitive day of shooting in very hot, windy conditions.

Scores for the day were:

Event 1 – 25 Target Anniversary Point Score Cash Divide

AA Grade: 1st M. Collumb 74/75, 2nd C. Bentley & D. Olivero 73/75.

A Grade: 1st J. West 72/75, 2nd R. Borzillo 71/75.

B Grade: 1st J. Holder 59/75.

C Grade: 1st A. Dallemolle & R. Spinella 57/75.

Event 2 -25 Target Seed Distributors $300 Handicap: 1st G. Read 29/29, 2nd B. Duncan 28/29, 3rd J. Melisi 27/28.

Event sponsored by Rob Damin of Seed Distributors, Virginia.

Event 3 – 50 Target Anniversary Medley Championship.

Overall C. Bentley 120/120.

AA Grade: 1st C. Bentley 120/120, 2nd V. Bone 119/120

A Grade: 1st S. Daou 97/100, 2nd R. Borzillo 115/120.

B Grade: 1st J. Holder 90/100, 2nd S. Keen 82/100.

C grade: 1st R. Spinella 77/100, 2nd D. Bowman 76/100

Event sponsored by Barry and Pamela Duncan.

Junior High Gun: J. Tapscott 179/200.

Overall High Gun: C. Bentley 197/200.

Mid North/Lower North/Mallala Challenge: 1st Lower North Gun Club 2016/2150, 2nd Mid North Gun Club, 3rd Mallala Gun Club.

MLM Challenge High Gun: A. Mattschoss 412/430.

Any enquiries please contact the president on 0411 238 391.

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