Annabelle our super sensation

One of the ‘Smartest Dog’s in Australia’ was on cloud nine after coming runner-up in the event following her entry that was broadcast on Studio 10 in September.

Normally a field for the working dogs, Annabelle the Chihuahua is a special dog to owner and qualified dog trainer, Liz Gray.

Annabelle came to Liz as a stray dog four years ago and has since flourished.

“She has a flair to learn and I am the lucky one,” she said.

“What makes her achievements even more amazing is she is a Chihuahua!  She competes against (and beats) working dogs such as Border Collies.”

Annabelle has also been ripping up the Dancing with Dogs arena and participates (and wins!) the Dancing with Dogs and ‘Rally O’ obedience, of which she has won many trophies.

“She is also the highest titled dog in Heelwork to Music in SA and is the current novice Rally O champion for SA as well.”

Annabelle is one special little dog!

Annabelle has her own Facebook page, and her entry can be viewed on

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