Advanced fire ban for Mid North

The Mid North’s fire ban season has been bought forward due to the dangerously hot summer predicted, the CFS has warned.

A total fire ban will now begin on November 1, rather than 14 days later on November 15.

The CFS bought forward the season indicating a below average rainfall and increased fuel loads.

District Council of Mallala fire prevention officer, Peter Buttery, said he was not surprised by the move to bring the fire ban forward in the Mid North district.

“At a Bushfire Management committee meeting in Clare I suggested bringing it forward due to how dry it is,” he said.

Mr Buttery is currently conducting inspections on properties within the area ensuring everyone’s homes are tidy and all potentially flammable material is destroyed before the fire ban begins.

“Anyone issued with a Bushfire Reduction Compliance Notice is required to comply with the requirements of the notice within the time frame given.”

If owners do not comply with the rules of the expiation notice, Mr Buttery said the council would prevent any potential devastation

“Council may organise a contractor to perform the work required at the owner’s expense and may take further legal action against them,” he said.

Current fines for lighting a fire within a fire ban season stand at $315 for an on-the-spot fine.

On a total fire ban day, maximum penalties are $10,000 and two years jail.

Three other districts were also altered with the Flinders to October 15, Eastern Eyre Peninsula and West Coast Fire Ban districts beginning on October 20.

The Yorke Peninsula fire ban will still begin on November 15.

The Fire Danger Season for the remaining 10 districts state wide will be determined in the coming weeks.

All residents of the state’s fire ban districts are asked to develop a Bushfire Survival Plan. Ongoing maintenance is a must to keep your property fire safe.

For a constant updates on fire risks, the CFS has a mobile phone application, website at or Bushfire Information Hotline on 1300 362 361 that informs of any risks in your fire ban district.

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