Volunteer growers needed

SOUTH Australian environment group Trees For Life needs volunteers to grow native seedlings this summer.

Each year about 1000 volunteers raise hundreds of thousands of seedlings in a bid to help continue to revegetate SA and we hope to reach this important target with the community’s help.

Through the award-winning Tree Scheme, volunteers are asked to grow and care for the seedlings for landholders and revegetation projects in South Australia.

The Tree Scheme operates by annual seedling orders being taken for landholders, councils, government projects and private enterprise, with Trees For Life then linking up orders with volunteer growers.

Trees For Life provides all the propagation materials – seed varieties, tubes, boxes, soil and mulch – free to volunteers, along with easy-to-follow instructions. The materials can be collected at a local distribution depot in your region in mid-November. Once sown and raised, seedlings are handed over for planting about six months later.

The seedlings provide food and habitat for our native wildlife. Help counteract some of South Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions and help rehabilitate land that has been degraded.

Those interested in volunteering don’t need to have a green thumb – it’s a perfect way for people to do something positive to help our environment. It’s free and it’s a feel-good experience!

If you can help, please phone the office on (08) 8406 0500 or log onto the Trees For Life website: www.treesforlife.org.au 

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