Two Wells…one teriffic community

Message to residents: from DCM Mayor and Lewiston ward councillor – Duncan Kennington

Last month I attended another citizenship ceremony.

Giau Van Huynh took the pledge and joined the citizenry of the best country in the world.

Giau was accompanied by his wife and family, and lives in Two Wells.

The scones that Janine Harding and Lynette Seccafien organised were delish.

I attended an author event at Two Wells Bowling Club on September 10.

As a teacher myself, I was most impressed that Tricia Stringer could combine teaching with the time demands of writing books.

Bev Molloy and Barb Lee-Archer organised the munchies despite the challenge of renovations decimating the kitchen.

Barb was the lucky winner of Tricia’s next novel, which hasn’t been published yet.

On the way to the football grand final in Two Wells last month, I stopped at the market day presented by Two Wells Bowling Club and associates.

Jode and the team should be commended for organising a successful and adventurous concept to fit in with the football.

The stalls included Yiah, Verdale Olives, Coffee Run, Oz Fondant, Dim Lit Candles, Joop Face Painting, Edge of Hair, One Luv Fashion, Fancy Pants and Moojoo. Having been suitably refreshed with an ice chocolate from Organo Gold I continued my trek to the football.

I’m looking forward to Jode organising future market days, which benefit the community and local businesses.

Mary Schmich once said that the best advice she could give was to wear sunscreen (old timers may remember the resulting song).

The best advice I can give is to vote at the upcoming council elections.

You have the opportunity to elect your ward councillors but also, for the first time, to directly elect your mayor.

I reckon another wise person said that you get the politicians you deserve. Enough wisdom – just vote!

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