Two Wells hosts first final, but break-in sours success

TWO Wells pulled off hosting the club’s first ever grand final with no hiccups on Saturday, October 20, with plenty of volunteers on hand to cater for the crowd of about 3,100 local sports fans.

Football club president, Francis Pellizzari, said planning for the event started at the club’s first committee meeting of the year, establishing a grand final sub-committee to get preparations under way.

“We were very happy with the day and from all reports, we’ve received no negative feedback, which is pleasing,” he said.

“We had a roster system set up for our volunteers and no one let us down, people gave us more time than they were rostered on for, which was also fantastic.

“There were some concerns about our car parking but a lot of people don’t know we’ve got hectares of space behind the pine trees, so I think we could have parked 1,000 cars back there if we needed to.”

The club handled the food and drink provisions with relative ease, despite early concerns.

“I think the hardest element was the catering part,” Mr Pellizzari said.

“By the end of the night, we were selling off hot food at discounted prices, which I think is a good thing, it’s always better to have a bit too much than not enough.

“We went through about 600 rolls for salad rolls and hot dogs, about 15 dozen pies and pasties and then there were the chicken burgers as well.”

One dampener on the weekend was a break and enter at the club on the following Monday morning.

At about 5.30am, unknown offenders jemmied the front glass door to the sports club rooms, forced entry to three offices and removed a small safe containing cash.

Mr Pellizzari said it was disappointing but wouldn’t let the theft take the limelight off a successful event.

It ends a long year for the club, which also carried out extensive renovations and hosted the Plains Producer Medal count this season.

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