Two premierships for Wells

A2: Mallala v Two Wells 

Mallala started the game at quick speed to set the pace. It was goal for goal, then Mallala got a break with great positioning and accurate shooting from Mallala GS Carissa Buckley. Mallala applied defensive pressure through the centre court. Two Wells GK Cassie Kent displayed great agility in the ring. A fast paced and well contested game. Mal 15 – TW 9. Standouts: Carissa Buckley (Mal GS) and Cassie Kent (TW GK).

Mallala got an early turnover to extend the lead. Hands over the ball and down the court pressure applied by Mallala which helped increase their lead. Firm leads and accurate shooting by GS Mallala Carissa Buckley. Two Wells made a mid quarter change which resulted in quick succession of goals, but tight mid court defensive and strong attack combination got Mallala to further extend the lead. Two Wells C Neralie Wearn provided good drive and direction for TW but defensive combination of GK Jayne Brown (Mal) and GD Ashlee Angus, backed up by attacking combination of C Brooke Griffiths and WA Diana Feely (Mal). Mal 32 – TW 16. Standouts: Brooke Griffiths (Mal C) and Neralie Wearn (TW C).

Both Mallala and TW made changes to their teams bringing on fresh players. Mallala started the quarter strong with turnovers resulting in goals. TW WA Maddy Seccafien fed well into the ring giving TW replying goals. A fast paced game with both teams working hard with defensive pressure down the court and strong attacking drive. Mallala’s Brooke Griffiths and Carissa Buckley worked well together. TW GS Stephanie Walker shot well and changes to positions for TW saw a more evenly contested game. Mal 49 – TW 30. Standouts: Carissa Buckley (Mal GS) and Stephanie Walker (TW GS).

Both teams made changes bringing on fresh players. Mallala started fiercely and TW played hard netball to take control of the game to win the quarter 15 to 10. Strong rebounding and shooting from TW GS Stephanie Walker and GA Trisha Beere had TW contesting the game. Mallala’s attacking combination and mid court drive proved a successful team for Mallala. It was good competitive netball until the final time was called. Congratulations to all players and their respective coaches. Final score: Mal 59 – TW 45. Standouts: Carissa Buckley (Mal GS) and Trisha Beere (TW GA).

Players fought hard for the victorious premiership. Spectators were supportive cheering their teams and adding to the grand final atmosphere. Mallala were very strong in both the defence and attack, making them the 2014 victors.

A3: Two Wells v Mallala 

Mallala took the lead early in the first quarter and maintained strong defensive pressure down the court. Two Wells fought back to even the score late in the quarter. Scores remain even at the end of the first quarter. TW 10 – Mal 10. Standouts: Leah Clifton (TW WA) and Amy Cawrse (Mal C).

Low scoring quarter but Mallala took a two-goal lead at the start. TW attack pushed hard in the second half of the quarter following injury time. Mallala kept strong and went into half time with a one goal lead. TW 18 – Mal 19. Standouts: Brooke Humphries (TW GD) and Amy Cawrse (Mal C).

Slow to start scoring in the third quarter. Mallala took a few intercepts in the defensive end and the mid court also turning over some balls. Mallala increased their lead to three goals. TW came back hard following injury time half way through the third quarter casino online to even the scores. TW lead by one goal at the end of this quarter. TW 26 – Mal 25. Standouts: Leah Clifton (TW WA), Jordyn Algar (Mal C) and Belinda Angus (Mal GD).

Mallala came out firing in the fourth quarter to even the score early. A lot of pressure from both teams kept the score even for much of the quarter. Mallala pushed out a two-goal lead with five minutes to go. Mallala held steady to win the day and increase their lead by three goals. Final score: TW 32 – Mal 36. Standouts: Leah Humphrys (TW GD) and Belinda Angus (Mal GK).

Mallala consistently fought hard to be the better team of the day, a close game with lots of pressure.

A4: Two Wells v Hummocks  

Both teams started off with a few silly mistakes with stepping calls. TW gained a couple of goals thanks to great shooting. Great pressure by Hummocks defence which saw TW only leading by three. TW 8 – Hum 5. Standouts: Sky Wolf (Hum) and Wendy Salter TW.

TW started strongly shooting the first five goals for the quarter, Hummocks failed capitalise on their centre passes and TW increased their lead. Hummocks WD provided some great turnovers. TW 21 – Hum 13.

Standouts: Amy Nottle (Hum) and Hayley Squires (TW). 

Strong defensive pressure from both teams saw scores even in the first part of the quarter. TW GA provided great feeds into the circle. Hummocks GS shot well and Hummocks forced a few turnovers which they scored from. TW 29 – Hum 23. Standouts: Mikaela Lane (Hum GS) Watson and Hayley Squires (TW).

TW started the quarter strong with a few turnovers and accurate shooting. TW finished off the game strongly not without Hummocks making a few great turnovers. TW 39 – Hum 30. Standouts: Naomi Todd (Hum) and Wendy Salter (TW).

A great contest, both teams fought right to the end. TW made less unforced errors and were just too good in the end.

A5: Two Wells Home v Two Wells Away 

A nail biting start to the game with both teams coming from Two Wells, going head to head! TW home won the centre pass. TW away came out with all guns blazing after their preliminary final loss. Some strong competitive netball in this first quarter. TWH 6 – TWA 8. Standouts: Rachel Pitt (TWA GS).

TW home came out wih a vengeance scoring six straight goals to open the second quarter. TW home did not give up. TW away missed a few shots but the support from the sidelines kept the goalies going. Taylor Oakley dominated in defence, turning over many balls. TWH 16 – TWA 17. Standouts: Tayla Oakley (TW GD).

An excellent start by Megan Wandel turning the ball to open the quarter resulting in a goal for the away team. Lots of nervous players on the court fumbling the ball. TW home looked a little frazzled by the away teams determination to get the ball.  TWH 24 – TWA 28. Standouts: Kylie Lowe (TWA GK).

The big final quarter to what was a huge battle. It was still anyone’s game with only four goals in it. It was goal for goal throughout the quarter seeing the scores level with six minutes to go! TWH came back strong in the last few minutes to take out the game. Final score: TWH 41 – TWA 35. Standouts: Amy Moss (TWH GD).

Mallala was stronger on the day making less mistakes to become the winners. Both teams played a high standard of netball, a well played and great game to watch.

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