Peacocks gone wild

It isn’t the plains of Africa or India, but a bunch of wild peacocks have been seen pluming their feathers and roaming in the Lewiston area.

Believed to be escapees from a pet home nearby, they have since bred, and now appear quite comfortable wandering  among homes along the Gilks and Laurie roads.

Local Gordon Head, of Gilks Road, said the peacocks first appeared in the area about 12 months ago and are constantly spotted by locals.

“They freely roam the Gilks and Laurie roads area and are seemingly welcomed by most residents, and we suspect they are also fed by the majority,” Mr Head said.

“We suspect they escaped from next door a while ago, and have since bred. There are now two full size males, one smaller male and two females.”

Mr Head suspects there will be a few more chicks joining the gypsy clan as the females will soon be laying.

“They sleep in a tree beside our shed,” Mr Head said.

As for sleeping arrangements, it seems as though there will be plenty of peacocks in the near future, as a female will normally lay between three and five eggs, usually  in forest trees.

Male peacocks often gather harems of several females, in groups called parties. And after the latest party in Lewiston, there will be soon be the pitter patter of little feet joining this travelling family.

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