CFS: prepare now

Following the release of the Southern Australian Bushfire Outlook 2013 to 2014, the Two Wells and district area will be very much a normal fire potential for the upcoming summer.

CFS Captain, Adam Harris, attended a meeting last month that analysed the potential threats in our area for the coming summer.

“The predictions are for an average fire season depending on rainfall,” he said. “If we get some rain in the next two months it will stay the same, however, if it is dry the potential fire hazard will change.”

Majority of the state will stay under the same threat, although above normal potential is predicted in the North West Pastoral and Flinders district due to abundant and continuous grass fuels during the above average rainfall since May 2013.

Mr Harris said now is the perfect time to clean up around your homes by trimming back grass and identifying potential hazards around your property.

“Removing dead branches and undergrowth, fallen leaves and long grass, and having clear access for fire trucks, as it slows response if the need arises.”

As a result of previous season’s growth remaining and the rainfall received in the cooler months, normal fire conditions can still cause fast running fires.

Two Wells CFS is always looking for volunteers. If you think you may be able to help out contact Adam Harris on 0413 237 036.

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