Cairn marks Middle Beach’s old Brooksfield Racing strip

The original Brooksfield drag racing strip that was located on Middle Beach road will be receiving a minor face lift in the next few weeks.

The strip, which was in its prime in the 1960s with local rev heads, will be receiving a stone rock to mark its existence from 1960 to 1965, initiated by self-confessed drag nut, Kym White, from Lewiston.

Mr White goes by Kym “(Slightly Dangerous)” White, which is his race name.

Mr “Slightly Dangerous” White said his fascination with vintage drag cars goes back to the Brooksfield era.

“My brother raced at Brooksfield and so did some of my old mates who went on to become successful drag racers and I thought the site should be marked before history is lost,” he said.

“I’m a bit of a nostalgia drag nut, so I contacted the council for permission to place a marker at the site, they were very interested and waived the approval fee.”

“Council wanted a stone cairn, so what I came up with was this blue stone rock. I contacted Gerry McDonnell, a local stone mason, and he agreed to engrave it in an old bush style for free.”

The passionate drag car lover also owns two drag cars which date back to the Brooksfield era.

“I still race one and the other I just recently restored,” Mr White said.

The history behind Brooksfield began in 1965 when the Highways Department laid down two parallel strips of experimental bitumen alongside the road, giving South Australia its first two-lane drag strip.

 “When Adelaide International Raceway Virginia was on the drawing board another Outlaw dragster was built which is the one I now own, and is exactly the same as the early version but a later model with 302 GT Falcon donk and new metal flake paint,” Mr White said.

“Outlaw 2 was found as a wreck and rebuilt in 1990, just in time for the 25th anniversary of drag racing. Sadly, about 24 years later, I found it abandoned under a tree, and have now completely rebuilt it at my home in Lewiston.

 “I did the chassis panel paint and assembly, however Outlaw will never race again as the chassis no longer complies with ANDRA rules.”

 Mr White also received help from local businesses once the word was out.

“Spray Chief Custom Paints supplied the awesome acrylic flake paint. Boss Differentials rebuilt the seized diff and True Brush artist Moondog Raymond P, did the amazing job on the period correct sign writing and many mates helped as well,” he said.

Kym’s cars will be on display at the Extreme Auto Expo at Wayville Showgrounds November 28th – 29th.

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