Spring change at TW Landscaping

With lovely spring weather upon us, now is the time to get outside and tidy up your garden.

Or maybe you’re thinking of a completely new design?

For all your landscaping needs, look no further than Two Wells Landscaping Yard, which is opening on Sunday, September 7.

It has everything you need for your next outdoor project – whether it be at your home or business.

And as opening day is on Fathers Day, we’re sure dad would love to visit the yard and get some great outdoor ideas!

Owner of the business, Bob Fountain, has a large range of landscaping materials, including mulches, bark chips, potting mixes, stones and soils.

He also stocks a full range of Neutrog fertilisers, including Sudden impact and Gogo juice, which your plants and garden will love.

If you require some rubble or coloured stones, Bob has it all.

He can deliver a load of any of his products, in any size, directly to your home or business, from a half tonne, to 30 tonnes, or if you prefer, you can pick it up yourself.

Bob has a fully certified weighbridge which can weigh up to 30 tonnes, ensuring you get exactly what you pay for.

He also stocks a complete range of bagged cement, including oxides (colours) for all types of cementing jobs.

When you need a new pair of work boots, don’t go past good old Bob!

He has a large range of Redback boots on display, in steel capped or regular work boots.

“They are the best value for money boots around, are soft to walk in, and are made in Australia,” Bob said.

For your next DIY job which requires some extra horsepower, Bob also has a range of small petrol powered motors available to hire.

He has posthole diggers, paving and cement cutters, wacker packers and generators.

The yard, which is conveniently located behind the hardware store,  will be open Monday to Saturday from 8am to 4pm, and  Sundays and public holidays from 9am to 3pm.

Call in and see good old Bob, or call him on 0409 999 970 for your orders or for further information. He’d love to help you out!

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