Pipeline potential for Bolivar water access

DISTRICT Council of Mallala has started early project discussions with SA Water to eventually provide the district with up to 20 gigalitres of winter water per year, suitable for crop irrigation.

Council agreed to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) regarding the possible supply of treated recycled water on Monday night.

DCM acting CEO, Peter Sellar (right), said it was an early but significant step for the project, which has the potential to generate industrial growth in the

The initial supply would start at eight gigalitres and eventually grow to the full 20 gigalitres.

An SA Water spokesperson said the MOU would casino pa natet require the council to transport the water from Bolivar during SA Water’s non-peak period (winter and shoulder months).

“Once transported, council would be responsible for the storage of the water,” the spokesperson said.

“SA Water understands council is looking at a number of alternatives to achieve this outcome.”

Mr Sellar said the MOU was not a binding commitment but did indicate council’s initial support of the project.

“The agreement says we think it’s a good idea, it’s got merit, let’s see where we go from here,” he explained.

“If it were to go ahead, it has the potential to create a huge benefit to the district.

“Much depends on how fast we can get the project under way and how much water is provided but the project offers all sorts of possibilities.”

Part of council’s role will be identifying potential project partners and consumers of the water, while assisting SA Water with putting together a development proposal.

Funding support from nearby councils and government bodies will also require investigation.

Mr Sellar said the MOU was a great starting point for a project discussed at council level for a number of years, predominantly by former DCM CEO, Charles Mansueto, who finished at council last week.

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