Lewiston Playground well underway

At the Lewiston playground the word “engaged” is almost something to jump for joy about.

There’ll be no more quick stops for parents or crossing of the legs as, after months of work, the site’s toilet is now officially open.

A new barbecue area, shelter, tables and seating are also set to be completed in coming weeks.

DCM strategic infrastructure coordinator, Paul Cleghorn, said the works were the first stage of a three-stage project for the old school site, and with recent government funding of $80,000, which was matched by council, he is excited by the developments planned for the area.

Mr Cleghorn said while the playground had been in place for a few years now, the site did not have a toilet, something council has been working to remedy for many months.

A unisex toilet facility, with baby change table and wheelchair/pram access is now in use, with an easy-access paved path and much needed lighting ensuring the area is well illuminated.

A free electric barbecue area is soon to be casino online up and running and hopefully by the end of this month residents will be able to enjoy a much-improved facility.

“Work is definitely progressing,” Mr Cleghorn said.

“We’re inviting people to come and use it, to experience the new improvements and enjoy the rustic sort of feel we’re trying to create here.”

As well as the physical structures going up, Mr Cleghorn said DCM’s horticultural team would be working to create an irrigated lawned area around the playground and garden beds of native plants.

Closing the playground site to vehicle traffic, installing secure fencing and building an adjacent car park are also on the cards in the future.

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