Eddie puts hand up for Council Elections

Eddie Stubing is not a man you can miss.

Larger than life (and with a big truck of a car to boot) Eddie is a member of numerous community and sporting groups, including being president of the Two Wells Regional Action Team (TWRAT).

He runs his own business and has lived in the area for the past two decades.

Now, Eddie is putting his hand up to be a voice for local residents at this year’s District Council of Mallala local government elections in the ward of Two Wells.

Nominations open this month for electoral candidates, and Eddie says his main reason for standing is to be a part of what he believes is an exciting future for the district.

“I’ve been involved with the community for some time now,” he explained.

“I’ve got to know a lot of people in the community and the thing that’s triggered this is because I wanted to be a part of the huge opportunity that this area has for the future.

“There’s an enormous amount to be done in years to come, what with the subdivisions in Two Wells and now Dublin, the Mallala CWMS, plus the building of a new school in the area, it’s a very important time in our lives.”

Eddie says the redevelopment of the Two Wells town centre is also something he supports and is looking forward to progressing should he be elected in November.

“This will be a catalyst for the growth of the whole area,” he said.

“It will help grow the community and that’s my platform; that people must be assured that this is about investing in the whole area, including Mallala, Dublin, Lewiston and Two Wells.

“We’re all included in this exciting future as a whole, not separate.”

Eddie believes Two Wells in particular is well positioned geographically for developmental growth but stresses this growth must be carried throughout the council area.

He says development should be considered in a timely order and only if it’s progressive.

“I’m for the development of the towns but in a timely order,” he said.

“So, when it presents itself and there’s an opportunity, we should act on that only if it’s progressive.”

Always with the community at heart, Eddie hopes his ability to look at the big picture and get along with those around him, will stand him in good stead at this year’s elections.

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