Think about what you put in that bin

Inspection aims to improve use

Nappies, car batteries, old sinks, plastic bags, these are just some of the things District Council of Mallala has found in recycling bins across the district – and they shouldn’t be there.

DCM will this month participate in an audit of local recycling and green waste practices, with around 400 bins around Two Wells and Mallala set to be inspected over an eight-week period.

The audit, supported by waste management company, Zero Waste, aligns with council’s recently endorsed Waste Management Strategy, DCM senior waste officer, Noel Bubner, said.

“We’re trying to minimise the amount of rubbish that goes to land fill and improve our recycling and green waste practices,” Mr Bubner said.

“The purpose of the audit is to see what people are putting into their recycling bins, to make sure it’s recyclable, and to see what’s going into their green waste bin.”

Mr Bubner said results from the audit, which would randomly select 200 recycling bins and 200 green waste bins from the area, would be a valuable tool for council to better its waste management practices and at the same time inform and educate local residents.

“We’ve found all sorts of things in people’s recycling bins that shouldn’t be there he said.

“Car batteries, old sinks, litter, nappies; it’s a little bit revealing.

“The biggest mistake that I’ve seen is people bagging recyclables.

“What we need to get across is that anything bagged goes to landfill.”

Educating the public on better recycling practices was an important focus for council, Mr Bubner said, so don’t be surprised if on your regular recycling or green waste bin day you find a note from council attached to your bin.

Council is considering acknowledging residents who demonstrate good recycling habits with the offer of entering a draw to win vouchers to spend at local businesses.

“As much as we want to correct people’s behaviour we want to congratulate people who are doing the right thing as well,” he said.

Mr Bubner said DCM had earlier this year also been involved in a composting trial through Zero Waste and hoped in the future some of the district’s green waste could be turned into compost and used around the area, particularly by council’s horticultural team.

Some collections during the audit may be delayed by up to a day.

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• Give containers a quick rinse to ensure they are free of food
• Flatten boxes but do not bundle papers or cardboard, place them loosely in the bin
• Remove lids from plastic bottles and jars

What DOES NOT go in recycling bins
• Nappies
• Plastic Bags
• Food scraps or other organic matter
• Polystyrene
• Clothing or textiles

For more information contact the Recycle Right hotline on 1300 137 118 or DCM on 8520 3360.

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