Strudwicke is aiming to stay as councillor

Former DCM mayor and current Mallala ward councillor, Marcus Strudwicke, will not stand for the position of mayor at the upcoming elections, instead preferring to nominate as a councillor in the new Dublin/Mallala ward.

Mr Strudwicke said he felt it was important residents in the north of the district had a “strong voice”, especially in light of expected focus and developments in and around Two Wells.

“I think with the changes that have been made to the wards we are going to need some good, strong representation up in the north,” he said.

“With all the things that are happening in the southern part of the district, the development of Two Wells in particular, I think we need fairly strong representation up here so that we don’t get neglected.”

While supportive of the move for the community to vote in council’s next mayor, Mr Strudwicke said there were many issues residents in his area wanted representation on.

“We’ve got a lot of issues that need to be addressed locally and the mayor doesn’t get to vote on a lot of these except in the case of a casting vote,” he explained.

“I think just at the moment I need to be on council as a councillor.”

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