Procedure must be followed: Wasley

ONE elected member raising concerns about the current activities of Two Wells RSL is District Council of Mallala deputy mayor, Mark Wasley.

Cr Wasley, who also is a current member of Two Wells RSL – and expressing solely his personal opinion on the matter  – explained the continuous evasion of council protocol could not be ignored.

“A fundamental part of the problem here is members of the community have been coming to council meetings to express their concern over the RSL doing things without council approval,” he said.

“That’s the problem.

“All due support to the RSL; they do a lot of work for the community but sometimes they do things in a bit too much of a rush, while everyone else has to follow council imposed procedure.”

While some of the improvements and works at the memorial site were considered relatively minor but important to get done as soon as possible, Cr Wasley said the RSL chose not to notify council at all.

“They didn’t bother to contact anyone at council beforehand, that’s the main thing. “The comments are often ‘the RSL is doing its own thing’ and when people bring that up, it’s hard for council to deny.

“They’ve just jumped the gun a bit in their eagerness to get things done.”

Cr Wasley said he was torn between the two parties as he agreed in-principle with the work being done.

“It’s my duty as a councillor to make sure the applications are submitted and are an accurate reflection of what’s going on,” he said.

“I have a responsibility to the community to make sure those procedures are followed.”

The addition of the word “Afghanistan” to the backlit sign for the new memorial also caught Cr Wasley off guard, after sighting a previous draft without the word on the sign.

Two Wells RSL president, Tony Flaherty, claimed the example was to give councillors an idea of the sign’s size and was never the final product.

“Once you put Afghanistan on top, people start to question it as it’s a bit more specific,” Cr Wasley said.

“I realise a lot of these issues are on a smaller scale but they’ve rushed ahead, when we’ve really got to dot the I’s and cross the T’s.

“It’s community-owned land, not the RSL’s, so they really need to comply to council’s regulations.”

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