Piccolo pushes to resolve Angle Vale flooding

Roadside flooding issues along Angle Vale Road at Angle Vale could be addressed in the near future.

Talks initiated by local MP for Light, Tony Piccolo, between the Department of Planning, Transport, and Infrastructure (DPTI) and the City of Playford may see the perennial problem resolved.

Mr Piccolo said the ad hoc growth of the township over many years had meant infrastructure commonly included in urban settings had not been built in some areas.

“The stormwater problem experienced by Angle Vale residents along the portion of Angle Vale Road which extends west of Heaslip Road is one of these areas,” Mr Piccolo said.

“Although there are many houses along this stretch of road, residents have not had More Here! » where is justin bieber right now groggily wakes up from a nap on a yacht during his downtime in Ibiza, Spain, on Friday afternoon (August 1). the benefit of kerbing, stormwater services and pedestrian paths, which is common in other urban areas.

“Infrastructure requirements have not kept pace here with residential development over many years.

“Absence of this infrastructure has meant residents have had to endure pools of stormwater and the absence of pedestrian facilities which provide safety for young children and their parents, the elderly, and the disabled.”

Mr Piccolo said many infrastructure issues currently facing the community would be addressed during the development of the township as a result of the recent rezoning.

“The infrastructure agreements signed by the State government, the City of Playford and local landowners who seek to develop their land will deliver infrastructure for the whole town,” he said.

“I have asked for discussions between DPTI and the City of Playford to be fast-tracked with a view of addressing some of the stormwater issues, sooner rather than later.

“The City of Playford and DPTI are keen to address the issue and I have been impressed by their preparedness to try to find a solution to the funding required to undertake the works.”

Mr Piccolo is hopeful this consultative process will prove successful in accelerating the construction of much needed kerbing, stormwater services and pedestrian paths in this

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