New speed cameras to patrol highway

Don’t even think about exceeding the speed limit, warns Two Wells police officer Josh Silvy (above).

And think even harder  if your’re travelling on Highway One – particularly over the 51 km between Two Wells and Port Wakefield.

You will get caught – by new point-to-point cameras – which became operational from Monday.

Several sets of the new cameras have been installed in locations around the state – on the Dukes highway between Coonalpyn and Ki Ki, the South Eastern freeway and on some Adelaide roads.

One set of cameras is on Highway One, just north of the Two Wells/Mallala turn-off and another is near Port Wakefield.

The cameras will not only measure time and distance between two  near points where erected – but will also record a vehicle as its passes from one location to the other – that is between the Two Wells location and Port Wakefield and vice versa.

The registration plate of every vehicle which passes through is recorded and stored on SA police computers.

An average speed is calculated over the distance between Two Wells and Port Wakefield and if this exceeds the 110km/h limit, a fine will be issued for exceeding “average

If a vehicle is recorded speeding between the two near front and rear camera locations, a “point speed” fine will be issued.

This technology is new to South Australia, but is in use in other states.

Statistics from the Netherlands and Austria, where the cameras are used, show a 50 per cent decrease in fatalities and serious injuries where point-to-point cameras are used.

To view a video explanation of the cameras, go to

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