Early declarations in battle for mayor

Kennington again steps up, as Flaherty hopes to ‘stop dysfunction’

Current District Council of Mallala mayor, Duncan Kennington, will put his hand up for a second term in the leadership role at the upcoming local council elections to be held this November.

Mr Kennington confirmed he will once again run for mayor and is excited the general public will have the chance to play a direct role in who is elected for the position.

But he will face opposition from at least one candidate, RSL president Tony Flaherty, who recently declared his intention to run for the increasingly important post as the council grows.

For the first time local residents in District Council of Mallala will decide who wins the mayor’s position.

In the past, elected councillors have chosen  a chairman, recently retitled as mayor.

“I commend this (new) system because it means the residents get the mayor they want,” Mr Kennington said.

“The mayor gets judged and it’s the most democratic way.

“However, a minor problem is if you stand for mayor and you don’t win you – then cannot be on council.

“That’s the risk you take (and) I’m willing to accept the electorates’ decision.”

Mr Kennington said he would love to see a high voter turnout at this year’s elections, saying residents needed to take ownership of the process.

“They say you get the politicians you deserve,” he remarked.

“I’d really love to see the people come out and vote.”

Challenger Tony Flaherty has previously held the position in past tenures on council and was to go around again in 2010 but withdrew, citing family health concerns.

“I was approached by a lot of people, some quite prominent, to run again,” he said.

Mr Flaherty enjoyed his previous time on council, saying it was a good place to work but things have dropped away in recent years.

“I’m keen to try to stop the dysfunction going on,” he said.

“A lot of people have said this council is dysfunctional and it has been for years. “We’ve got to be there to do what we can for the community.”

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