Councillors cut, with wards to change

District Council of Mallala (DCM) this year will reduce its wards from four to three – and there will be one less councillor.

As part of its last Electoral Representation Review, DCM, from November will have nine councillors in the three wards, plus the mayor, a reduction of one councillor from the current 11 elected members.

Wards will be Mallala/Dublin, which is a very large but less populated area, Two Wells and Lewiston, which is the smallest but with many residents.

This means some boundary changes, so (as in many other councils) voters should ensure they are voting in the correct ward. Contact District Council of Mallala on 85203360 for details.

And for the first time residents and others who have the right to vote, such as absent ratepayers, will choose the mayor.

DCM took this path following a decision last year, breaking its tradition of having a chairman who won the support of council’s other elected members.

DCM’s current mayor is Duncan Kennington, who also represents Lewiston Ward. Mr Kennington has indicated he will contest the mayoral election, with Two Wells resident, RSL presdient and former DCM chairman, Tony Flaherty, also putting his hand up (see separate report on Page 3).

When a mayor is elected separately, he/she has no ward affiliation, normally does not vote on motions but carries a casting vote when necessary.

If a current elected member of any council chooses to stand for election as mayor and loses, then that person also loses their seat in the chamber.

• In other DCM news, outgoing CEO, Charles Mansueto will officially conclude his time at the council on Friday, August 22.

DCM general manager corporate and community, Peter Sellar, will be acting CEO from close of business on this day.

During caretaker mode, which comes into effect from September 2 until the conclusion of the general election in November, council cannot make any decisions regarding the CEO position. It will be a new council who elects a new CEO, with the position possibly not being filled until March or April next year.

Important Dates:

Close of rolls (you must ensure you are registered to vote): Friday, August 8

Nominations open: Tuesday, September 2

Nominations close: noon Tuesday, September 16.

Draw for position on ballot papers 4pm, Tuesday, September 16.

Issuing of voting packs to electors: Monday–Friday, October 20-24.

Last day for issue/reissue of voting pack by post: 5pm, Wednesday, November 5.

Last day for personal issue/reissue of postal voting papers 5pm, Friday, November 7

Close of voting: 5pm, Friday, November 7

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