Angry Pants and Fire … Totally Wild and woolly!

These two sheep are “totally wild” – well, almost – they did recently appear on the popular children’s show Totally Wild last month.

The episode aired on Channel 11 on Tuesday, July 29, and featured Two Wells brothers Felix and Joost Lloyd.

The boys hand raised the sheep, fondly called Angry Pants and Fire, from when they were lambs just a few weeks old, and learnt about the opportunity to appear on the show’s “Best Pets Ever” segment following a visit by the show to their local hockey club.

Felix, 6 and Joost, 14, were both excited and a little anxious about how the episode would turn out, but Mum, Marjoleine, says they had a good time filming when the Totally Wild team came to their Two Wells property earlier in the year.

“The sheep follow you around because they were hand raised (and) if you start running they run after you,” Marjoleine said.

“If you run they almost hop like a gazelle, which is quite funny to watch.”

Marjoleine said when the sheep were lambs they were living in the backyard so the boys always played and ran around with them.

“They were always running around and jumping, Felix often played chasey with Angry Pants,” she said.

To view the episode visit the website

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