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Message to residents: from DCM Mayor and Lewiston ward Councillor Duncan Kennington

• Warrick Barnes facilitated a community tree planting at Light Beach on Friday, July 4.

Despite a dodgy road the weather was perfect; at least until about five minutes after I left and it began raining.

Volunteers including Kip Fuller, Brian Walker, Malcolm Frost, and Jean Turner planted several hundred trees.

• Later on that afternoon the library hosted another author event and this time our guest was Jane Paech.

She shared anecdotes from both of her books on Paris and the city’s food and culture: ‘A family in Paris: stories of food life and adventure’ and ‘Delicious days in Paris: walking tours to explore the city’s food and culture’.

DCM’s Anne Sawtell and Janine Harding organised the smooth running of the event and many thanks to Margaret Gameau and the Two Wells Bowling Club who once again were busy preparing afternoon tea. Of course, after listening to Jane describe French cuisine for an hour everyone had the mega munchies.

•  On Saturday, July 5, I attended the ‘Music Sessions with Expression High Tea’ concert at Two Wells Community Centre.

It was a fantastic night and as most would know a lot of hard work was put into the preparations for such an event. I congratulate the students for their commitment, perseverance and courage; also the parents, many helpers on the night and especially the kitchen hands and waitresses.

Some of the performers who participated included Jamie Groom, Matt Snelling, Brett Snelling and Tim Rodes.

I was ready to come to the stage to demonstrate my singing skills but apparently wasn’t needed!

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