Hogg scores hole in one

Two Wells Golf Club’s much acclaimed larrikin and course manager, Bobby Hogg, has done what no other golfer at the club before him has – claimed a hole-in-one at the famed hole six!!

A “sweet stroke” from the tee on Sunday July 27 during the club’s Men’s Open event, saw “Hoggy” as he’s fondly known, pocket the Peter Kittle Toyota sponsored $1000.

It is the first time a golfer has collected the sponsorship at the hole.

Playing partners Gary Payne of Two Wells and Robert Hinderwell of Hamley Bridge watched on as Bobby’s stroke covered the 136 metres to the scrape, bounced once and went out of sight.

First up Bobby said he thought the ball might have gone into the hole, but the view was obscured.

It wasn’t until everyone had played their shots and the trio walked down to the scrape they discovered that only two balls were visible, and it became evident Bobby’s ball was indeed in the hole!!

“The shot felt pretty good off the iron,” Bobby said.

“When we went over there we had a wee look in the hole and there it was.”

Bobby says this is the third time he’s managed to score a hole-in-one but the first for him at the Two Wells course.

His playing partners signed the ball, which is currently being framed to commemorate the achievement and Bobby has generously split the winnings with them.

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