Primary pride boosted with new ‘VIP’ program

Two Wells Primary School has implemented a new VIP program aimed at increasing school pride and understanding of its core values.

TWPS counselor, Zoe Evans, said 14 inaugural VIP recipients were announced at the school’s assembly on Friday, June 27, with the initiative coming about through the school’s recently formed Student Action Team (SAT).

The SAT runs in a similar format to many schools’ Student Representative Council (SRC), Ms Evans said, and was one way the school was working with students to create a sense of ownership.

Over a three-week period adults across the school, including volunteers, teachers, SSO’s and visitors, nominate students and their actions, which reflect the school’s core casino values of respect, responsibility and persistence.

“It can be anything from the yard or class that shows the school’s values,” Ms Evans said. “It’s a really special thing to be recognised.”

Students are chosen by lucky dip at the school’s assembly and honoured with a front row position.

Each student is also presented with a colourful wristband with the school’s values printed on it.

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