Nose First And No Fear

PICTURE courtesy of DB Images

TWO Wells resident and off-road racer Michael Shipton had a lucky escape judging by this impressive photo.

Competing in Round 1 of the Dirt Wars 4×4 off-road racing event at Loveday 4×4 Adventure Park, just outside Barmera on June 14, Michael, along with his navigator, Dylan Rogers, were in the lead when they came unstuck the final jump, causing the car to nose dive and flip.

The Dirt Wars event is held three times a year, with Michael being involved for the past two years and teaming up with Dylan about 18 months ago.

“I wasn’t too worried,” Michael said. “I’ve rolled a few times before, just mis-timed the jump at the end, that’s all.”

Michael got into the sport after being a spectator for about eight years and loves the thrill of combining off-road racing with tactical manoeuvres and jumps.

A member of the South Australian four wheel drive club, ET 4WD Club, the pair came out unscathed and were pretty thankful good safety equipment including helmets, roll bars, and a harness, all did their job. For the spectators it was a worrisome few minutes, but mother-in-law and local Two Wells resident, Pam Duncan, said many people rushed to their aid and soon had the men safely out.

“We watched knowing there were plenty of helpers and others at the scene,” Pam said. “It did not take long for the boys to be out and standing up on the car, waving to let everyone know they were okay. 

“They were a little bit sore the next day!”

With another race meeting scheduled for later this month let’s hope the boys have better luck.



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