Anthony’s drive earns him first at Bathurst

Redbanks farmer, 34-year-old Anthony Verner, could probably drive almost anything.

From tractors, to motorbikes, to go-karts, if it’s got a steering wheel, Anthony loves to get behind it.

But his favourite “hobby”, as he puts it, is the lesser-known sport of Modern Regularity racing.

Modern Regularity is a relatively new competition focused on tactical driving, where each driver nominates a lap time and endeavours to maintain that time over a number of flying laps (usually four) of a racing circuit.

Each tenth of a second away from the nominated time scores penalty points.

The driver with the least number of points wins, or the driver with the most points i.e. furthest from their nominated lap time, comes last!

It is a relatively safe form of competition, as outright speed or the fastest lap time is not a consideration in scoring, and passing through corners, blocking or “racing” other competitors is not permitted.

In April, Anthony returned from a trip interstate, where he took out the 2014 NSW Road Racing Club Regularity Bathurst event at Mt Panorama.

Competing in five rounds over three days against 55 other drivers, Anthony said it was a great first-time experience for him driving the famous circuit.

The rises, falls and turns of the circuit were a challenge and a change from the flat, circular route at Mallala Motorsport Park, where all Modern Regularity events in SA are held.

Racing in his HSV VR 1993 Senator, Anthony says the sport is a great one for all car enthusiasts and is open to anyone, with vehicles not needing to be “souped up” to take part.

“Regularity is about being consistent,” he explained.

“That’s the beauty of it, you can do any mods (modifications) you want to, but you can’t do a fastest lap time of 1 min 20 secs.

“With this sport it’s not about having the fastest time, it’s about being consistent.

“It’s a grassroots sport that’s about getting out there and having a bit of fun.

“It’s low cost, and it’s about what you want to put into it at the end of the day.”

Races are held at the Mallala Motorsport Park around eight times a year in South Australia, with between 40-45 competitors taking part in each event.

The next Modern Regularity event will be held at Mallala on July 13.

If you’re interested, why not drop in and see what all the fun’s about or visit, for more information.

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