Anglican church congregation turns out in their … Sunday Best

In a time-honoured tradition, the townsfolk of Two Wells and district recently turned out in their “Sunday best” of yesteryear.

The congregation at St Paul’s Anglican church participated in a service as it would have been in 1836, when the first Church of England services would have been held in early Adelaide.

JENNIFER DOWLING  reports the service was an act of worship “according to the rites and ceremonies as set out in 1662, when the Book of Common Prayer was revised by Henry VIII and the Archbishop of Canterbury, Thomas Cranmer.

“The other book used at this time was the King James Bible of 1611 and this new service was in English, not Latin, as a uniform service for standard use, where worshippers took part and were not just observers. “The hymns were from the ‘red book’ – Hymns Ancient and Modern.”

The service in Two Wells on Sunday, May 25, was held as part of the state-wide “About Time” History Week events celebrating our past and was conducted by Reverend Bart O’Donovan and Reverend Russell Simmonds.

“The 40 people who attended sang with joy and enjoyed a lovely morning tea afterwards in the Hart Memorial Hall,” Jennifer said.

“It was an excellent service and in wearing historic dress the congregation added to the commemoration as a thanksgiving for the faith and courage of our founders by whose on-going legacy we are blessed.

“We will be holding this service in some form each year in May and all are welcome.”

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