Busy time on local scene

Message to residents: From DCM Mayor and Lewiston ward Councillor Duncan Kennington

I attended the Parham club quiz night recently  – and consistent with a lifetime of quiz night attendances, my team, “Team Duncan” (Jill and Steve Jones, Betty and Dave Body, and Mark Webb) didn’t win.

In fact we won the booby prize.

However, everyone attending had an enjoyable night (on Saturday, May 24) and full credit goes to Barb Reid and the gang for the seamless organisation.

• On Sunday, May 25, I attended Dublin Institute as the surprise guest at the History Group’s Fighting Forces Fund tribute. It’s worth noting not only were there numerous people from the community who attended, but others who had driven long distances.

Gwen Smith provided an educational and interesting history of her involvement in the Fund. Pat Thompson and Andrea Brow organised things, including the preparation of munchies – and a cake, which I got to cut.

• On Thursday, June 12, I attended the 35th birthday celebration of the Two Wells Community Craft Shop.

As usual, I purchased some good value and healthy looking plant seedlings.

• The cheerful and helpful volunteers, shown with me in our picture –  Lorraine Goss, Pauline Bastiaan, Diane Meaney, Mollie Frost and Maria Aunger – also treated me to some birthday goodies. The shop, at 45 Old Port Wakefield road, also stocks handicrafts, giftware and bric-a-brac.It opens Tuesday-Friday 9:30-4:00pm and Saturday 9:30-1:00pm. Email – twowellscrartshop@gmail.com

• Warrick Barnes has facilitated planting  more than 1,000 trees over the last week. (see other Echo report). Community members have met at Parham, Thompson Beach, and Middle Beach to help revegetate coastal land.

Those who volunteered at Parham, in particular, should win an award. It rained from before we arrived until after we left. I shivered the whole drive home.

I guess my theory of wearing shorts so there was less to get wet didn’t hold up. Another planting is scheduled for this month at Light Beach.

I would like to attend to get bragging rights of attending all plantings – but this plan might change due to a visit to the dentist to have some titanium implanted in my jaw!

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