Your say on council spending plan

 District Council of Mallala considered its draft 2014/2015 budget last month, and now ratepayers will have a chance to view the document, with community consultation currently being sought.

DCM chief executive officer, Charles Mansueto, said the budget operating result was better than outlined in its Long-term Financial Plan, and invited all residents to take the opportunity to comment on the draft budget before it was endorsed later this month.

The following are major bids for the 2014/2015 year:

$600,000 for a roundabout at the intersection of Mallala Road and Old Port Wakefield Road; $32,000 for local government elections to be held November; $90,000 for a senior planning officer; $21,000 for a customer request software system; $35,000 contribution for a regional human resources role; $20,000 for a horse industry study; $2000 for Mallala Museum electrical upgrade

As well as the above major bids, council has also proposed the following road allocations: Marshman Road, Mallala (Reallocation from 2013/2014) $130,000; Elizabeth Street, Mallala (Reallocation from 2013/2014) $ 41,000; Hill Road, Mallala $220,000; Gameau Road Spoon Drain $18,200 .

Community consultation of the draft 2014/2015 budget is currently open and will conclude on Wednesday June 18, with council providing provision for public comment and responses on its website as well as by mail.

This year the public will also have the chance to comment in person, with time allocated as part of the Tuesday, June 10 council meeting.

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