Value of volunteers again on display

Message to residents: from DCM Mayor & Lewiston Councillor Duncan Kennington

Sophie Thomson, the gardening guru, was the district’s guest speaker at Two Wells Bowls Club recently.

She was educational and it was a measure of how interesting she is that people attended from outside of the district from as far away as Pt. Pirie.

Members of the audience were given prizes for answering questions on the talk. I didn’t win any but I did return home with an increased knowledge and enthusiasm for the garden.

Anne Sawtell and Amanda Kirvan organised the event. It’s always a pleasure to show appreciation for the community-minded volunteers of the district.

• We did that with two film showings on Wednesday May 14 at the Gawler Cinemas.

Janine Harding and Lynette Seccafien did an immaculate job of organising the event, which resulted in an enjoyable experience for all. I was so involved I forgot to collect my choc top at the beginning of the film.

• On Saturday, May 17, I attended the opening night of the Two Wells Melodrama performance. About 45 people attended and had a fun interactive evening, including a 3-course meal.

Apart from the dozen actors numerous team members co-operated to make the night a success: waiters, cooks, musicians, lighting, an MC, and bar staff, which included me. It’s impressive that Jess Renaglia, one of the actors, wrote the play.

Not being one of the world’s great film critics, I’d describe it as a sort of Marx Brothers meets the Adams Family.

• I was out in my shed yesterday and heard a familiar hissing noise (possums). After some investigation, through the chaos I found the culprits; a mother and child curled up nice and cosy like in an old bookshelf.

I would have thought prodding by a person would send them scrambling on their way, but no such luck.

They were determined to continue their snooze and not return to the elements.

Being very brave I put on the motorbike jacket and gloves I hadn’t worn in several decades. It then took about an hour to convince them to leave – and me to block up the entrance.

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