Two Wells Regional Action Team urges local residents…Get Involved

Being part of a community is more than just living in the area – it’s about getting involved so you can make a difference.

That’s certainly what Eddie Stubing, President of the Two Wells Regional Action Team (TWRAT) believes.

Having been in the role for three years now, he is very proud of all the work the group has done to ensure the town is properly supported.

“There truly is a community strength and you know it feels like home because we all look out for each other,”

“Together we can make a difference,” Eddie said.

Definitely a group of hard-working individuals, the TWRAT is dedicated to supporting economic opportunities and the general development of the town.

Eddie said that most of the members are also part of other community groups and organisations within the town.

Recent projects include restoring the Craft Shop (formerly the Old Courthouse), working with young kids in the town to promote the Skate Park and being a part of the remediation work at the Salt Creek at Middle Beach.

“The strength of the team is truly in its members,” Mr Stubing said.

TWRAT has also been working with the Hickenbotham Group with its plans of the proposed residential estate.

Mr Stubing said Two Wells has an opportune position to generate growth, being the closest country town to Adelaide.

“If we can help make it as vibrant as possible, we can attract people to the Hickenbotham development,” he said.

TWRAT will also take part in “Totally Locally”, a worldwide campaign to help to reinvigorate interest and enthusiasm in local townships, by focusing on keeping business local.

Not always known as the Two Wells Regional Action Team, this group has evolved over 26 years from its humble beginnings as the Two Wells Community Advancement Association.

However, after reaching stagnancy – the group felt they needed to reform and did so as the Two Wells Tourism and Trade Association 18 years later.

To help with the grant application process, they also started up the Strategic Planning Committee of Two Wells and Environs.

Tony Lange, past president and current member of the TWRAT said both the groups worked hand in hand for many years, but needed a more efficient process.

“There were a lot of people on the same committees who were felt a sort of retiredness about it all,” Tony said.

This lead to the creation of TWRAT  in October 2007, as we know today – bigger, better and always striving to make a difference.

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